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York Township, Assessor's Office
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Any questions regarding assessments may be addressed to the York Township Assessor's Office, 630-627-3354.

The 2014 assessments are now available in the Property Record Search.  Please check our Dates to Remember page for more information on publication and filing dates.

The Assessor's Office is charged by the state to estimate the market value of the more than 46,000 parcels of property within York Township--then assess each property at one-third of market value. Real estate taxes to support the various taxing bodies are based on these assessments and result from those taxing districts applying their tax rates to assessments. Governing boards elected in each district set the budgets for that taxing district.

The Assessor's Office can also provide additional information on the many facets of the assessment cycle, appeal process, and senior exemptions. Residents are welcome to call or stop by to discuss their assessment concerns.

From the Assessor...

My staff and I continue to hear from many property owners who are concerned about the downturn in the real estate market.  As homeowners and property tax-payers ourselves, my staff and I are aware of the frustration of seeing property taxes continue to rise amid reports of plunging values, increased foreclosures and properties remaining on the market for extended time periods.
As required by Illinois state statutes, it is the responsibility of my office to annually assess properties at one-third of the fair market value as of January 1st of each assessment year - using sales that occurred in the prior three years.  Using this method, we will always lag behind the activity in the marketplace.  When values/sales prices are increasing, this three year sales history ensures that assessments increase gradually.  As values/sales prices fall, it will take multiple years for these changes to be reflected in property assessments.

The 2014 assessments posted on this website were calculated based on sales that occurred in 2011, 2012 and 2013. Declining sales in these years prompted decreasing assessments throughout York Township.  

My staff and I are monitoring market conditions closely. Please remember that with declining markets and decreasing assessments, this does not mean taxes will go down. For taxes to decrease, regardless of the change in assessments, taxing districts, such as, cities, villages, schools, park and library districts must reduce spending. If assessments are reduced, but taxing districts continue to increase spending, taxes will continue to rise.



Deanna Wilkins